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Cantaloupe Island

2007-12-01 15:32:13 by Shnib

I'm working on an audio of an arrangement for the jazz song "Cantaloupe Island". Expect it to come soon.

Screen Shot

2007-10-14 15:39:37 by Shnib

I've got another screen shot to show you. I was just working on the animation (Flying Bananas) and I found out one of the guys looks really weird on a frame where he's blinking and saying something at the same time. Look below...

Screen Shot

Flying Bananas

2007-10-13 17:51:14 by Shnib

I'm working on a short film called "Flying Bananas". It'll come out soon, and I think it will be my best animation released here yet. I'm including a screen shot in this post. The screen shot was exported from paint, so the quality is bad, but you get the idea.

Flying Bananas


2007-10-06 14:29:45 by Shnib

I've finally started making some favorites...


New Audio2

2007-09-28 19:59:28 by Shnib

I made a new audio, me playing piano. It's got an awesome score of FIVE OUT OF FIVE. Of course, that's because I'm the only one who's rated it, but who cares.


2007-09-26 21:47:12 by Shnib

I made a new audio, and it's gotten my WORST SCORES YET!!! Hurray!


2007-09-26 16:39:42 by Shnib

I just added some BRAND NEW TERRIBLE ARTWORK!!! to my animation links. I know my pictures are terrible, I can do it a lot better with paper and pencil. Still, it's better than no picture.



2007-09-26 16:23:51 by Shnib

I just made my first actual game, called Cup Game. I hope you like it!

Happy Ratings!

2007-09-24 18:00:07 by Shnib

I don't know why, but all my audio ratings just went up a ton! Happy Day!


2007-09-23 22:33:09 by Shnib

I'm making a bunch of audio right now, I've posted 4 audio files in about 2 days. Anyways, I think I'll be doing mainly audio for a while now. I've gotten way better ratings in my audio than my flash files.